Since childhood Josep Rodenas has shown an acute sensitivity towards other people emotions and non verbal language. These innate qualities early evolved into his vocation, photography.

He started to study photography In his twenties, while he was combining three different jobs, in the morning he helped an sculptor artist, in the afternoon he was tiding up cables for a production company and in the evenings he took photos in clubs. The money he earned helped him to pay for the school, the metro, the photo rolls and paper.

«Clubs opened my eyes to a new and diverse world, where I learned to relate with all kinds of people.»

«Taking pictures is a luxury, allows me to meet fascinating people that otherwise would have been inaccessible to me.»

The documentary he filmed in the Philippines, as a producer for David Campos Ballet tour and in collaboration with the Spanish embassy, Instituto Ramon Llull and the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, was the planted seed for his specialisation in classic and contemporary dance.

Since then he has portrayed dozens of dancers and choreographers. All of them performing at the Institut del Teatre, The Nacional Company of Dance, The American Ballet Theatre, The English National Ballet, The Rollal Ballet of London, The Russel Maliphant Company, The Het National Ballet and the Hamburg Ballet.

However among his best portraits there are also renown academia professionals, Nobel Prize individuals, painters, architects, actresses, famous sports people and international models.

He has published in national and international magazines and had a dozen of expositions inBarcelona. Worth mentioning Portraits of an Identity, a selection of his best dance snapshoots, presented in Galleria Ignacio de Lassaletta, Barcelona 2014

Some of his recent work includes his collaboration as a photography editor of Pablo Neruda’s book, Biography of Daniel Barquero, Portraits of Nacho Duato in StaatsballettBerlin and the production of various commercials with the Ibiza Brothers Production shown at Maison&Object Paris.

«Pictures are frozen and intense snapshots of a story, whose actors are eternally ready for a conversation.»